2016…a new starting…


What a new way to start the year, but with reasonable and enjoyable resolutions…

The year Started with the RoadTrip with full of Energy. The Bangalore-Puri-Vizag-Hyderabad-Bangalore RoadTrip of 3500 Km, gave a lot of energy for the Year 2016.

I never used to have resolutions when the Year starts, but like changes happens, I also thought to have certain resolutions. Everything need a change, so my habit.

This year I have FOUR resolutions:

  • Learn and be expertise in ONE New Technology:

Being in the IT Industry it is tough to keep the pace with the technology revolutions happening. So it is important to keep myself up-to-date in the technologies. There are many, but I have decided to be in expert in one technology and be expert in that. Couple of things in mind are Docker Networking, OpenNetworking 

  • Come back to Wikipedia and Commons:

It has been a while I have edited in Wikipedia, especially in ml.wikipedia.org where I was active and was enjoying editing. Also it has been a while uploading pictures in commons.wikimedia.org. I wanted to make a comeback both this projects and start at least some considerable contributions.

  • Run 500 Km, if not 1000:

Off late the running was keeping me healthy especially the Spirit of Wipro Run inspired  lot. I wanted to complete 500 km and more in this year. The dream remains to complete 1000 Km in the year, But I don’t want to overburden myself, so keeping it to 500.

  • THREE road trips or travels, Two must be Road Trips:

So the 2015 year end road trip gave a lot of energy, inspiration and confidence. To continue the confidence and a passion, atleast to complete two road trip this year.


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